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ODALC bulletin advertising in San Francisco, CA Let's Connect!

Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center is a 501(c)(3) community-building non-profit with the mission of bridging the digital literacy and opportunity divide. The organization helps small businesses create new business models that will better reach customers. Through programs and classes, Oakland Digital teaches community college students how to turn their love for design into promising careers.
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Local Oakland and East Bay students were encouraged to create art centered on what inspires them about the city where they live.


Finalists were rewarded with their art placed on a OUTFRONT Media billboards throughout Berkeley and Oakland, California.


Along with helping students develop professional skills and inspiring them to learn digital art, ODALC also wanted to provide a reward that will never be forgotten. ODALC placed their art submissions on bulletins and posters in the most premium locations available in the area displaying their inspiration for all to see.


 Besides inspiring the local community through eye-catching artwork, this campaign inspired articles that added to the reach.


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