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​Case Study 

NRI Car Cards in Los Angeles
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How do advertisers increase study participation numbers? Out-of-home of course! ​​Explore this case study in detail

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National Research Institute (NRI) measures campaign success by the number of patients entering a study. After using OOH, the company noticed a 40% increase in new patient participation.​



​NRI's target audience is the underserved, uninsured and older population-- a demographic social media struggles to reach. Though the company posts on Twitter, Facebook and Craigslist, it only has a small following on those platforms.



OOH's ability to reach an older market (who is absent online) was monumental in this campaign. NRI maximized its campaign's strength by placing bilingual two-sheet posters, rail cards and bus shelter ads in the Metro and at bus stations near the clinic.


The campaign was very successful! While NRI was having trouble interacting with their audience online, OOH had no problem getting to the target market. The 40% increase in new patient participation speaks for OOH's power to drive consumers to action.

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