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Case Study

NKLA transit shelter in Los Angeles, CA Let's Connect!

Led by the Best Friends Animal Society, No Kill LA (NKLA) is a coalition of animal welfare organizations, city shelters and concerned citizens dedicated to stopping the killing of healthy and treatable pets in Los Angeles.
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The organization bolstered this out-of-home campaign with a sophisticated social media effort that connected potential adopters with adoption services in their area.


The goal was ultimately to stop the killing of healthy animals when they could be easily matched with people looking to rescue them. The campaign featured poignant black and white photographs of dogs and cats sure to get the attention of any animal lover.


NKLA wanted to reduce the number of cats and dogs that die from euthanasia in LA city shelters by 3,000. To create a massive public awareness campaign, they turned to out-of-home to spread their message and their mission throughout the Los Angeles area.


“The NKLA initiative has helped Best Friends Animal Society get government officials, city shelters and rescue groups to work in tandem to help animals. These organizations and individual animal lovers have enthusiastically rallied around NKLA. Supporters are spreading the word by sharing films and images, posting photos of billboard sightings, and hanging NKLA posters in their communities. Even local businesses are offering sales proceeds as donations to NKLA, all further amplifying the initiative’s reach.” The advertising initiative was a contributing factor of the following*: - NKLA exceeded the initiative goal of reducing the number of euthanasia for cats and dogs by 3,000. The final number was 4,228 animals saved! - 10,557 cats/dogs were spayed and neutered by the coalition partners (Coalition Grants 4,458, Best Friends Clinic 2,749 and Free Fix 3,350). - 23,421 homeless pets adopted by the coalition partners. - Each month, the killing at LAAS shelters was less than the amount in the same month the previous year. *Results are LAAS-specific for 2012 -Julie Castle, Co-Founder Frances Battista, Senior Director of Communications Kate Schnepel, Creative Director Amber Ayers, Senior Manager — Creative & Marketing Phiphi Gavalas, Communications Manager


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