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Nara Poster in Kansas City
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Nara combined a perfectly placed poster with a simple, yet effective, creative to direct sushi lovers its way!

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Nara utilizes an OUTFRONT Media poster located close to the restaurant that is sure to be seen by anyone traveling on Main Street. The poster Nara chose to point people its way is "very visible and popular." In fact, it is so popular that Nara contracts the unit on a year to year basis.


Nara began advertising on the poster located directly across the street from the restaurant in 2010. Originally the restaurant contracted the unit for a few months at a time but because of the success of the out-of-home campaign the restaurant decided to contract the unit on a permanent basis.


"We are located on Main Street in downtown Kansas City and this billboard is right in view of many cars heading North - and these cars drive right by our restaurant. It's been a great tool of advertising for us!"


"Our outdoor campaign is ongoing. We are always cultivating new customers with our directional campaign. And we get many compliments on the signage! It's noticeable and eye appealing to our guests."


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