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mullinax ford billboard in atlanta Let's Connect!

In an effort to raise awareness about their dealership, Mullinax decided to amplify their campaign with out-of-home. Explore this case study in detail

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Mullinax utilized a branding campaign to establish themselves as the number one Ford Dealer throughout Orlando.


Mullinax is a local Ford Dealer group that has 3 separate locations within the Orlando DMA. Historically, when it came to advertising with out-of-home, they only ran with a few key permanent bulletins near the locations of their dealerships. This time Mullinax used a mix of bulletins, digitals and tri-visions to increase their reach.


Utilizing the new OOH Ratings metrics, OUTFRONT Media was able to show them the value of running with a larger, targeted campaign. The campaign was a huge success, and at the end of the year, they renewed the contract for the duration of the following year. In their latest out-of-home campaign, they decided to pull their entire TV budget – going dark on television – and put it into outdoor for 4 months. Combined with their current campaign it now delivers a total of 98% Reach/36 Frequency and 869 weekly TRPs among their target audience.


The campaign has been running for 2 months, and they are getting great feedback from the client. They report no negative effects from going dark on TV. The campaign has actually created a lot of buzz around town! Most importantly, they are happy with their sales numbers and ¬ flow of potential customers on the sales ¬ floor and online.


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