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 MKR Steel Sales

Case Study

MRK Steel Sales bulletin in Flint, MI Let's Connect!

In order to reach farmers, hobbyists, fabricators, truck drivers and construction companies, outdoor advertising seemed to be the only solution for MKR Steel Sales.
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MKR Steel Sales wanted to create awareness of their location and the wide array of steel and fabrication needs they can provide.


The company purchased some bulletins and posters in the Flint, Michigan market area.


They decided that the majority of their target audience spends a fair amount of time on the road, whether it is traveling to and from work or driving truck loads across Michigan. Having outdoor advertising allowed them to narrow in on the majority of their demographic and show them that there is a steel supplier in Mid Michigan that is fast and affordable.


MKR Sales have seen more new customers come through their door since the billboards have gone up than any other month. The billboards create a gentle reminder and their customers appreciate the local business.


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