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 Minnesota State Lottery

​Case Study

minnesota state lottery transit shelter in minnesota Let's Connect!

The Minnesota State Lottery teamed up with Olson, Pixelwerx, and OUTFRONT Media to create these amazing money machine shelters to promote their Jumbo Bucks family of games! Explore this case study in detail

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Forty lucky people get the chance to fatten their wallets by winning 30 seconds in a money machine stuffed with $30,000 worth of $100 bills.

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The shelters were made to simulate money machines through the installation of a battery powered blower to swirl the (fake, of course) $100 bills around.

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The Minnesota campaign consisted of 4 wrapped money machine shelters, 3 other wrapped shelters and 6 shelter poster ads to create buzz in the marketplace.

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This Jumbo Bucks campaign was a big WIN in outdoor advertising as it blew our minds and showed us the money!

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