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 Milford Prevention Council

Case Study

Milford Prevention Council poster in Hartford/New Haven
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The Milford Prevention Council (MPC) is a non-prot organization based in Milford, CT whose mission “is to reduce underage drinking and substance abuse through prevention education, the support of law enforcement and the strengthening of our community collaboration.”

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Over the past few years, the MPC has utilized OOH with over 25 billboards to develope awarness for their cause of discouraging underage substance abuse while inspiring meaningful conversations and healthier lifestyles.


About half of the billboards are sponsored by local businessses; these boards are used to display visual messaging that creatively promotes both healthy lifestyles and the sponsor’s product or service.

The MPC has also facilitated themed poster contests in the past which allowed students and other community members to submit their artwork for display on billboards within the greater Milford community.


MPC partnered with local businesses and involved community members within the billboard creative process in persuit of further developing a stronger, more connected community that’s open to dialogue about alcohol and drug abuse.


In their most recent Community Impact Report, the MPC reports signicant social media growth of over 3,000 followers across all networks, just between 2012 and 2013 with continued substantial growth therafter.


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