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 Mildred Elley

Case Study

Mildred Elley urban panel in New York, NY Let's Connect!

Appealing to those looking to earn their degree, Mildred Elley used a variety of media formats to spread the word about their education program. Explore this case study in detail

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Mildred Elley wanted to increase awareness and increase enrollment of their programs.


By utilizing a mix of media formats, such as urban panels, subway 2-sheet posters and bus interior car cards, Mildred Elley was able to increase awareness of their school, educational programs as well as enrollment. Their creative consisted of a fast-track method for one to obtain their degree and a number to enroll.


Mildred Elley received such positive feedback from their previous 3-month campaign that they wanted to replicate the program for a full year. With their media mix, Mildred Elley generated considerable interest among prospective students throughout their daily commute.


OUTFRONT Media was able to place their ads in prime locations that targeted students from competitors as well as students looking to continue their education. After reviewing their response rate for both the subway and bus ads, Mildred Elley wanted to replicate the combination they did in September. They received almost 3 times as many calls from the bus ad, and they know there is great benefit to the exposure of the subway platform ads.


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