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 Microsoft Outlook

​​Case Study

Microsoft Outlook transit shelter in Los Angeles, CA Let's Connect!

Outlook.com is something of a paradigm shift for the software giant, moving away from licensing fees to a subscription-based model that also includes cloud storage via SkyDrive and IP telephony services via Skype.
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Microsoft rolled out five digital shelters in Los Angeles as part of its campaign announcing the release of the latest version of Outlook.

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The shelters were posted along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.

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Each structure was outfitted with a 32” digital screen, which ran full motion video to bring Microsoft’s new product offering to life.

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Microsoft has been busy with their advertising efforts over the past several months with the roll-outs of their new touch-screen Surface tablet and their latest operating system, Windows 8. All-in-all, Microsoft’s got a new look, so be sure to catch their ads on a street corner near you!

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