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 Merritt Academy

Case Study

merritt academy bulletin advertising in detroit michigan Let's Connect!

OUTFRONT Media and Merritt Academy collaborated to reach adults with young children that have educational needs. Explore this case study in detail

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Merritt aims to increase awareness from 18+ Adults with young children in Saint Clair County, Michigan and thus increase enrollment.


Meritt used bulletins to reach their target audience with messaging centered on longevity, describing the academy as “Your Destination from Pre-K to Graduation!”


Merritt decided to use outdoor advertising because they wanted to try a new product that working adults would see regularly on their commute.


The reaction to the new campaign was strong and instantaneous. Upon installation of their bulletin buy, Merritt Academy immediately started receiving inquiries. In addition, within the first week, they actually began increasing enrollment. Merritt had “a great response! We have had numerous phone calls that have resulted in visits and enrollments. It turned out great! This has been one of the most successful advertisements thus far for Merritt.”

-Dan Schluckbier
Merritt Academy


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