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McDonald's Bulletins in Kansas City
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McDonald's continues to have successful campaigns with OUTFRONT Media thanks in part to the continuous presence of out-of-home advertising. The 24/7 exposure of out of home allows McDonald's to reach on-the-go consumers immediately before point of purchase.

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Out-of-home's endless creative possibilities allow the McDonald's brand to stand out from its competitors while also staying fresh in the minds of potential customers.


McDonald's uses a variety of creative messages to reach its very broad target audience of adults between the ages of 18 and 49. Some messages are value-oriented, while others feature a specific product that may be new or only available for a limited time. McDonald's also enjoys promoting its exciting NFL partnership with the Kansas City Chiefs!


"Out-of-home places our message closest to the point of purchase. Especially with quick service restaurants, immediate brand recall is extremely valuable. Our customer is always on-the-go, and "larger than life" media helps to break through the clutter and make an impact. Most of our traditional (and even non-traditional) competitors advertise heavily in out-of-home, so it's imperative from a competitive standpoint that we maintain a strong share of voice in Kansas City."

-Jim Wagy
McDonald's Owner/Operator, President of the HOA Co-op


"For the past 5 years, we've renewed our 12-month contract with Outfront Media - so that speaks for itself! While it's not currently possible to directly correlate exposure to our outdoor boards into sales, we believe that outdoor is a very crucial piece of our multichannel media strategy."

-Jim Wagy
McDonald's Owner/Operator, President of the HOA Co-op


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