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 MaryGrove College

Case Study

MaryGrove College bulletin advertising in Detroit, MI Let's Connect!

OUTFRONT Media teamed up with MaryGrove and inspired consumers to be “stronger than conformity” when thinking about their education. Explore this case study in detail

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The primary goal of MaryGrove’s marketing campaign was to increase full-time undergraduate student enrollment in the fall by 15 percent from the previous year. An additional objective was to build MaryGrove’s brand identity in Michigan and strengthen their community.


Through the use of billboards, posters, tail light displays, and interior car cards, MaryGrove spread their messaging throughout the city of Detroit.


MaryGrove chose out-of-home advertising because it provides broad based exposure and helps keep the MaryGrove College name top-of-mind.


Through the media mix, MaryGrove College was able to achieve a much greater coverage and exposure within the market. Initial results “already show that we exceeded our goals for enrollment. Outdoor proves to have a great ROI.”

-Karen Wood
Director of Communications and Marketing
MaryGrove College


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