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 Like From Leo

​​​Case Study

Like from Leo Bulletin in Los Angeles
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LikefromLeo.com purchased a billboard in Los Angeles to gain social media attention and ultimately get Leonardo DiCaprio to support their cause.​
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This billboard had one simple message, “Leonardo DiCaprio please visit my website - likefromleo.com.” The location of the billboard was close in proximity to his LA home.


Once you visited the website, you could learn that the campaign was centered on a local waste company in Ostashkov, Russia. The company is trying to keep the town from drowning in trash by popularizing the concept of waste sorting.



Why Leo? They are hoping he will support their cause because he participates in many different projects that protect the environment. One click from Leo would inspire the people of Ostashkov, make garbage sorting trendy and the town would become a clean place once again.


Right away, people started uploading photos of the billboard to social media asking Leo to help – even other celebrities joined in! In just 3 weeks, the website had been accessed from 143 countries and #likefromleo had been mentioned on social media over 1 million times! This campaign earned more than 500 media placements around the world. All of this press and social media attention came from just one billboard with one simple message!

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