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 Kan Rock Tire

Case Study

Kan Rock Tire bulletin billboard in Flint, MI Let's Connect!

Kan Rock Tire decided to try something a little different this winter with their outdoor campaign to promote snow tires. Explore this case study in detail

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Roche’s tease and reveal campaign “worked like a charm” in promoting its durable tires for the brutal winter season ahead.


Owner Tim Roche puzzled the public when eleven billboards flooded the highways with the simple, yet impactful message: Come On Old Man. After two weeks, the mystery was solved when the reveal copy was posted exposing Kan Rock Tires as the tough guys taunting Old Man Winter.


Time Roche wanted to make people aware of Kan Rock Tire and its practical use for this upcoming winter season.


Local newspapers and TV stations pounced on the baffling billboards. Reporters interviewed local drivers on their thoughts and theories behind the mysterious message and produced stories that ran in the same target markets. Time Roche is quoted in the local newspaper saying the outdoor campaign “worked like a charm.”


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