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 Just Wooden Fences

Case Study

Just Wooden Fences bulletin in St. Louis, MO Let's Connect!

A small local business in St. Louis, Missouri turned to out-of-home to build awareness among college educated residents with a median household income.
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Just Wooden Fences’ main objective was to increase awareness of their business in the marketplace and increase their web hits.


The business’s media buy was simple—high impact bulletins strategically placed throughout the St. Louis market.


Just Wooden Fences chose outdoor since their target market tends to be active and mobile. Outdoor is the most effective medium to hit a large number of consumers on a daily basis.


The billboards helped increase traffic to their website and generated awareness of the business. “A small investment has produced over $40,000 in tangible sales thus far making the results incredible.”

-Walt Thorngren
Just Wooden Fences


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