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​​​Case Study

Jaguar exterior subway wrap in New York, NY Let's Connect!

As part of its “Good To Be Bad” multi platform OOH, TV, print and online ad campaign, Jaguar brought a bit of England to the states with a first ever F train wrap!
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The “It’s Good To Be Bad” campaign aligns the brand with its British heritage, playing off of the idea that many popular television and film villains have been played by British actors.


The interior of the train featured a mysterious brand train highlighting the new F-Type Coupe, along with teaser creative that promised to reveal more about the campaign on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2nd 2014. With clever ad placement on the exterior of the New York City train, the copy featured the F-Type Coupe accompanied by taglines such as ‘Our “F” is a tad faster’ and ‘An “F” train? Lovely.’


The #GoodToBeBad social call to action featured on the creative stirred the conversation up even further, in addition to a puzzling TV spot featuring British actor Ben Kingsley, with many consumers wondering what the auto maker’s next move would be. When it comes to building anticipation for a new product, nothing beats OOH!




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