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 Indie 88

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Canadian radio station, Indie88, announced that they would give away a giant billboard to one lucky listener to put anything they want on it. Explore this case study in detail

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The winner’s message would be featured on 200 square feet of space, towering above the city at one of the busiest intersections in Canada (Bay and Bloor) where over half-a-million people will see it!


Indie88 worked with OUTFRONT Media to select a billboard that many people would see, making the offer of one’s very own billboard to be quite enticing.


Indie88 realized that by supplying a billboard for one of their listeners to put anything on was a great way to garner more listeners. Tons of entries were entered and a few voting rounds later, an extremely happy listener emerged indeed.


They received hundreds and hundreds of remarkable and/or ridiculous entries and narrowed the finalists down to the Top 12. Then it was up to Indie88's listeners to vote for their favorite. After over 45,000 votes, Tara McCallan of the Happy Soul Project was selected as the winner to be featured on the billboard.


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