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Hostess bulletin advertising in new york city Let's Connect!

Hostess wanted to create a comeback to remember as they welcome the return of favorite all-time snacks. What better way than to make a splash by utilizing big and bold outdoor media formats to spread the word?
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Nearly eight months after their range of snack cakes disappeared from shelves, Hostess plans to welcome back Twinkies, Cupcakes, and Donettes under the tagline, "The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever."


Social media is a large part of the plan with the Hostess Facebook page closing in on 500,000 ‘likes’. The site began to tease the return of the treats at the end of June with posts like, "We're back online. And pretty soon we'll be back in the snack aisle." Hostess is engaging loyal consumers through traditional, social and guerrilla media. In addition to a giant Twinkie in Times Square there is also a huge chocolate cupcake on the side of Los Angeles' Figueroa Hotel.


Hostess believes the best way to entice consumers about the return of traditional American snacks is by blowing up photos of their delicious cakes on traditional media formats. Snack cake promoters will travel the country and pass out free Twinkies. In New York, Chicago and L.A. street teams handed out "Prepare Your Cake Face" T-shirts and "I saved the Twinkie" buttons.


People across the nation were buzzing about where to buy the cakes after seeing the mouth-watering ads. ​Consumers went online to Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram to post their own "cake faces," some of which are featured on PrepareYourCakeFace.com. The comeback made headlines and was truly the sweetest comeback ever!


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