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 Hollywood Casino

​​Case Study

Hollywood Casino Bulletins in Kansas City
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“Out-of-home is key to maintaining awareness of our product and promotions.”​ - Cheryl Nester, Hollywood Casino

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Hollywood Casino has contracted five high-profile bulletins on a year to year basis since it opened its doors in early 2012. These bulletins are located on major highways that are perfect for reaching its target audience of all adults 21 years of age and older.


Hollywood Casino utilizes the constant presence of out-of-home advertising to drive traffic to the property, day or night.​  The casino uses “promotionally driven” creative to showcase promotions that are available to its target audience.


“Our goal is to build awareness. Out-of-home advertising can reach customers with a targeted message that is created specifically for a certain area or location. Additionally, we like the reach and frequency that out-of-home generates on a monthly basis."

-Cheryl Nester 
Marketing Manager, Hollywood Casino


"Out-of-home has been and continues to be a very effective medium for our product. We receive great feedback from our customers
and employees alike in regards to our out-of-home messaging. Out-of-home is key to maintaining awareness of our product and

-Cheryl Nester
Marketing Manager, Hollywood Casino


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