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 History Channel

Case Study

History Channel bulletins in New York, NY Let's Connect!

The History Channel is taking us back in time in honor of the 100th year anniversary of WWI!
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The three night event will follow the influential leaders from WWII, from their introduction to warfare in WWI and then eventual rise to power in the second war.


The network utilized various media in the populated NYC and DC areas to drive viewership. The nation’s capital was the perfect location to promote the historical miniseries with creative messaging dominating the Pentagon metro station. In New York, the past dominated 42nd Street where History utilized 5 large format bulletins, and added a unique element by wrapping the CBS ‘eye,’ drawing the attention of pedestrians, vehicular traffic and tourists alike. In addition, Bus Kings with Headliners across the city reinforced the premiere date.


OOH was the perfect way to encourage viewers to tune-in; the 2013 Arbitron Out of Home Study found that 40% of adults have watched a TV show after seeing it advertised on OOH.



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