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 History Channel - Vikings

Case Study

History Channel - Vikings interior subway wrap in New York, NY
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Join the cast of History Channel’s historical drama series “Vikings” as they return for their second voyage.
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This time, the fierce legion returns armed with an artistic and eye-catching out-of-home campaign utilizing mobile technologies throughout New York City and Los Angeles.

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After downloading the “Vikings Ultimate Reality” smartphone app, users could then hold their smart phone in front of the subway poster or transit shelter and watch as one of the Vikings appear before them.

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The Vikings invaded buses, commuter rail, and subways, capturing the attention of riders and passengers with their fearsome creative. Bus Kings enhanced with Headliners, announced the second season’s premiere, while commuters on the Metro North and Long Island Railroads saw characters from the show on Car Cards. Underground, more characters could be found lurking on the walls with NY Subway 2-sheet Posters and Los Angeles Transit Shelters that included an Augmented Reality element, bringing the shows’ vibrant characters to life.

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The Vikings raided riders’ commutes on various out-of-home media, which immersed commuters in a zone preparing all for battle. The History Channel even provided a teaser for the season’s premiere on the shuttle’s video car cards, further enticing passengers of the upcoming crusade. Grab your armor and remote and get ready to see the Vikings become a legend!

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