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 GrubHub Inc.

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GrubHub Inc. out-of-home wall advertising   
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"The cost of acquisition was incredibly low and the lifetime value of those consumers was higher than organic users."

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Online food takeout company, GrubHub Inc., has used OOH to spread the word about their service since launching more than 10 years ago to all its major markets: Washington, D.C, NYC, Boston, LA, Miami, Chicago.


GrubHub Inc. has utilized various media formats to reach out to hungry consumers, including New York Subway platform posters, car cards, brand trains, rail car cards and platform posters. Their ads are usually filled with delectable looking dishes seen on bulletins in Los Angeles as well. The brand-building campaign doesn’t end there -- other media formats include New York bus kings and tails along with digital and static urban panels that an amazing meal is only a tap away.


Out-of home was used for large scale recognition in conjunction with a carried media mix. The mix of billboards and transit allowed Grubhub to influence busy, hungry, commuters.


"Every time someone placed their first online order, we would survey people asking how they heard about us and we'd be able to build a cost per acquisition off of outdoor. And it turned out the cost of acquisition was incredibly low and the lifetime value of those customers was higher than organic users."


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