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google play nfc digital advertising Let's Connect!

Google, the Internet mega-giant (you may have heard of them) rolled out a new campaign to help brand their content portal, Google Play. Explore this case study in detail

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The campaign consists of 2,500 OOH media assets across New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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People who tap their NFC-enabled phone on an ad-face are dynamically provided with a message about the benefits of Google Play. Media formats included transit shelters, interior rail cards, and subway 2-sheets.

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The payoff of this out-of-home campaign is profound; the NFC technology is able to provide the advertiser with priceless data, including time of day, location, the make and model of the phone and the operating system to help them better understand consumer behavior and patterns.

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Google offered an even greater payoff by giving consumers an online voucher for a free movie. All-in-all, this campaign represents a major shift in how advertisers are able to reach and interact with their target audience while gaining insight to their behavior.

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