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​Case Study

Fidelity bulletin in San Francisco, CA Let's Connect!

Fidelity Investments promoted their retirement planning and savings programs by not only utilizing the Columbus Circle Station Domination, Grand Central Digital Network and some billboards in other markets but also adding a touch of interactivity to make their out-of-home campaign even more exciting! Explore this case study in detail

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The investment group used out-of-home to display a few words and images on how they can help retirees enjoy time with family, taking up hobbies and spending time with friends while looking completely worry-free about their finances.


As commuters walked by, motion sensors hidden in an opening above the screen recognized their presence and the series of images “followed” them, providing a reminder that “There’s more to Fidelity than investment.” Other benefits such as, “More ideas”, “More insights” and “More possibilities” also pursued commuters.


With their one-on-one guidance as shown on billboards in San Francisco and Chicago, retirees could find advice on how to “Do More” with their time than be concerned about their retirement savings.


Digital out-of-home was a great way to interact with the audience. Passersby were drawn to the eye-popping colors and intrigued when the ad followed them. Many paused and waved their arms, anxiously waiting to see what more could Fidelity bring them.


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