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 El Gallo Giro

​Case Study

El Gallo Giro Bulletin in Los Angeles
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El Gallo Giro was just hoping to break even with their OOH investment, but the increased sales and guest counts from their campaign exceeded their expectations.​


El Gallo Giro used directional OOH creative to increase brand awareness and guide customers to one of its eight California locations.


El Gallo Giro wanted a solid return on their marketing investment. OOH was perfect for this because of its' ability to disseminate El Gallo Giro's message to the masses and reach all sorts of potential clients from different parts of the city as they drove in and around town.


"Our Outfront Media Sales Executive has gone above and beyond; he has the knowledge, ability and skills needed to make the proper recommendations on what promotions, offers and billboards or posters will work best for your business. I like to state the fact that we continue to get NEW customers that tell me 'OMG, the Torta (which is our signature product) that you’re promoting on that Billboard got me here!' Great to see NEW customers walking into your business."
-Manny Gonzalez
Director of Operations, El Gallo Giro Mexican Kitchen & Bakery

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