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 Discovery Times Square

Case Study

Discovery Time Square 1515 Broadway spectacular in New York, NY Let's Connect!

In order to target New York City tourists and Tri-State local families, the exhibition center looked to outdoor advertising due to the success of their previous awareness campaigns. Explore this case study in detail

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The campaign wanted to increase awareness of the various exhibitions displayed throughout the year and drive ticket sales to their NYC location.


The organization used a subway media mix of urban panels and one-sheet posters to announce the current feature exhibitions.


Discovery executed multiple out-of-home campaigns in the past, with each execution bringing in more and more customers to their exhibitions. When Discovery reviewed their ‘Exit Survey’ results asking patrons how they learned of the exhibit, out-of-home tended to always be the highest ranked medium


With their media mix and strategically placing their ads in top tourist locations, Discovery was highly satisfied with the outcome of their out-of-home program. The subway 1-sheet posters and urban panels reached their objective of increasing awareness and ticket sales of their exhibitions. Out-of-home advertising has the ability to engage with your consumer on a much more regular basis offering multiple impressions on the same target and ideally breaking through the noise of NYC. “We have lately been relying more and more on subway to carry our campaigns during critical seasons and have seen the needed impact driving our attendance.”

-Carl Cricco
Director of Marketing
Discovery Times Square


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