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 Diet Coke

Case Study

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Diet Coke is celebrating ambitious individuals in their latest campaign, “You’re On.” Explore this case study in detail

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In a first for the New York subways, Coca-Cola, in partnership with OUTFRONT Media, set up a sampling bar on 42nd Street & 7th Avenue to distribute samples of their new mini cans.


This joint effort was produced by Ignition’s event team and Ignite: Innovations Lab – an Outfront Media brand generating new ideas, technologies, and formats for expanding out-of-home beyond its traditional borders.


Out-of-home was the perfect way to surround consumers with the inspirational “You’re On” messaging. Various media formats throughout both stations salute those who moved into the big city carrying only their minimum essentials to prove that they have what it takes to make it!


With the convergence point of several train lines and the high foot traffic at both these station dominations, the opportunity for sampling distribution was maximized to its fullest potential. Not only did the sampling give travelers an additional boost, it also served as a first taste of the new size for many New Yorkers.


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