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 DC Dental Spa

Case Study

DCDentalSpa Diorama in Washington DC
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“We have received 25 new patient calls per month due to the Diorama ads.”

Dr. Rex Hoang, DMD, PC
President & Dentist, DC Dental Spa

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The DC Dental Spa was able to get the word out about their new office while simultaneously increasing the number of new patients to their other locations.


Through the use of OUTFRONT Media's vibrant backlit dioramas, DC Dental Spa was able to spreard the word about their existing office as well the opening of a new one.


Utilized targeted rail Diorama locations surrounding the DC Dental Spas to familiarize the community with their locations and introduce a new patient special to create buzz and increase new patients.


OUTFRONT Media’s vibrant backlit Dioramas allow DC Dental Spa to increase awareness and reach a large commuter audience of potential patients 2 times a day over 20+ times a month.

“It was a successful program! The rail platform Dioramas have provided a lot of new patients for us! Thank you!”

Dr. Rex Hoang, DMD, PC

President & Dentist, DC Dental Spa​


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