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 Daytona USA

Case Study

Daytona USA Bulletin in Orlando.
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“With OUTFRONT Media, we were able to pinpoint and direct traffic from interstates into Daytona USA. Our bulletin rotary program maximized our reach as we were able to customize our campaign by moving, every 60 days, to locations of our choice.
Daytona USA now considers directional out-of-home a paramount strategy for it’s advertising communications. We have been extremely successful at reeling-in interstate traffic.”

Candace Adkinson
Marketing & Promotions Director,
Daytona USA

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Daytona USA wanted to target tourists and local residents traveling through the greater Orlando, Florida area.


Target Audience:  Adults 25-54
Media Mix: Static Billboards
Market: Orlando


A rotary out-of-home strategy, using static billboards, was used allowing Daytona USA to change locations every 60 days.


“Our awareness has sky-rocketed from the Rotary campaign.”

Candace Adkinson
Marketing & Promotions Director,
Daytona USA


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