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​Case Study

CT fastrak Digital Bulletin in Hartford/New Haven
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Connecticut’s Department of Transportation was looking for the best way to target commuters to inform them about CTfastrak, “Connecticut's first bus rapid transit (BRT) system. BRT is an innovative, high capacity, cost-effective public transit solution that can significantly improve travel times through heavily-congested areas by using dedicated transit guideways or lanes to avoid traffic and quickly transport passengers to their destinations (ctfastrak.com).”

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CTfastrak had the challenge of informing Connecticut’s public about the state’s new transit system branch, simply communicating it’s ease of use, sustainability, quality, and clenliness, among other positive features for riders like free wi-fi on every bus. 


CTfastrak’s campaign was split into three main parts: pre-launch, countdown, and post-launch. While post-launch included strong calls-to-action, pre-launch messaging focused more on awarness and encouraging people to learn more.  In between pre and post-launch of the new transit system branch, there was a 12-day coundown telling commuters to “get on board in __ days.” 


Digital displays enabled CTfastrak to continuously change their messaging and target various demographics of potential riders.  What better way to communicate that there is a better way to travel than while your customer is traveling, or likely, sitting in traffic? Altogether, the campaign included over 50 unique variations of creative copy!


In cohesion with a full media plan which included PR, digital/social media, radio, print, television, and even experiental marketing, CTfastrak’s OOH digital campaign drew over 150,000 riders just within it’s first five weeks of service.


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