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Crimmins bulletin in Fresno, CA Let's Connect!

With several media choices available, out-of-home became the vehicle by which Michael Crimmins won the Primary Election in California. Explore this case study in detail

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Michael Crimmins wanted to win the GOP Primary Election and become the GOP Candidate in the 53rd District going into the General Election in November.


A media mix of posters and bulletins targeting voters in California’s 53rd District were strategically placed throughout the state.


Bulletins and posters are highly visible and would be a “great assist” for name recognition and brief campaign positions regardless of party affiliation. “Compared to direct mail pieces and radio, billboards are more reasonably priced considering their placement on highways and in neighborhoods, and they are up for a month.”


“Working with OUTFRONT Media, we located the best positions for my message to be displayed. With the messages up 24/7, they are always there to be viewed by the general public.” As a result of his billboard & poster placements, Crimmins gained recognition and won the June 8th CA Primary Election, demonstrating the power of outdoor advertising.


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