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 Clinical Trial Investigators

​​​​Case Study

Clinical Trial Investigators Car Cards in Los Angeles
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How do health research companies increase study participation numbers? Out-of-home of course!
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Clinical Trial Investigators purchased Los Angeles interior bus cards and rail car cards.


The campaign was targeting patients with asthma, COPD and cholesterol. The goal was to get patients to call the clinic to schedule appointments for the studies mentioned on the copy. OOH's ability to reach this audience was monumental in this campaign.


CTI wanted to reach as many people in Los Angeles as possible so they decided to advertise on the bus and rail systems. Interior transit advertising reaches a completely captive audience during riders’ commutes to and from work.


“We have received good feedback and the campaign was a success. Our OUTFRONT sales executive was there every step of the way. Prior to our OOH campaign we were hoping to schedule patients for our studies and our level of expectation was to receive at least 40 calls per campaign. We were hoping to have a large amount of calls, which would lead to scheduling patients. We achieved that and more ! These last campaigns have shown a 40% growth in our participation numbers.”​

- David Selam
CEO, Clinical Trial Investigators​


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