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Chris4Life platform display in Washington DC Let's Connect!

Chris4Life, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating colon cancer, rolled out an OOH campaign in Washington DC, New York & Los Angeles with the slogan “Love Your Butt.” The campaign ran in March, Colon Cancer Awareness Month.
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The creatively clever awareness campaign encouraged people to open up and talk about their bottom to promote screening and further prevention of colon cancer.

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The ads brought the attention “down to the heart of the targeted area and focused on a variety of shapes of bottoms to bring the message front and center.”

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The Love Your Butt campaign was created for Chris4Life by DC based creative agency Hugo Creative. “We purposely put a hashtag on our outdoor campaigns to track if people would engage with the ad via social media,” said Maurisa Potts, Marketing Director of Chris4Life.

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“Our hashtag was #loveyourbutt and there has been constant posting on Twitter and Instagram about the campaign and people sharing their support or personal feedback. It's been fun to follow the reaction. The campaign has been successful in general on the media front being recognized on TV, radio and print..."

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