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Cavalia Oakland Airport spectacular in San Francisco, CA Let's Connect!

In order to target the San Francisco market and the incoming tourists, Cavalia looked to outdoor advertising to raise awareness of their new show and increase ticket sales. Explore this case study in detail

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The campaign wanted to announce their new show, Cavalia, and drive ticket sales via the organization’s website and phone number.


The entertainment event used a media mix of billboards, spectaculars, & airport media with big, bold, striking creative urging San Franciscans to attend the greatest show ever!


“We have been a client of OUTFRONT Media in both USA and Canada for many years and have used OUTFRONT Media as a sole outdoor media partner in many markets. We go back to OUTFRONT Media over and over for the level of customer service and quality of inventory. We have had countless great deals with OUTFRONT Media and feel like you are the one outdoor company that ‘’gets us’’ and always meets our demands; which are frankly always tough to meet but you always end up earning our business.”


Second headline to discribe how every unit is diffrent

OUTFRONT Media has made our planning seamless and allowed Cavalia to build its brand image in a remarkable way that has been noticed by local advertising agencies and the media. “Our revenues depend entirely on advertising and PR as our show can only be successful if we have ticket sales – and to get 100,000 tickets sold in a few months would be impossible without outdoor media.”

- Louis-Philippe Baraby
Media Buyer / Acheteur Média


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