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 Caribou Coffee

Case Study

Caribou Coffee bulletin in Minneapolis, MN Let's Connect!

Caribou Coffee, Colle + McVoy, and Haworth teamed up with OUTFRONT Media to serve up a giant cup of joe to the Twin Cities! Explore this case study in detail

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They used two of our largest units in the market as a canvas for this giant 3D coffee cup design.


Weighing in at 2,259 pounds, this 20 foot tall coffee cup was constructed by Atomic Props over a few weeks. This is one of few 3D structures they have built in their own hometown, and the largest coffee cup Minneapolis has ever seen!


Using out-of-home media located above a historic live music venue well-known throughout Minneapolis was the best way for Caribou to display its giant coffee cup for everyone to see. Especially with the stand-out prop, it’s hard for passersby to miss and consequently tweet about.




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