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Burberry digital urban panel in New York, NY Let's Connect!

To promote its newest men’s fragrance, Brit Rhythm, Burberry dominated the digital OOH market with an exciting new campaign fueled by music and social media.
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At the heart of the Brit Rhythm campaign and the meaning behind the fragrance is the significance of live music events. Burberry’s goal was to move audiences to celebrate and share their own live music experiences with the world.

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Popular Instagram photographers were selected to capture images demonstrating the power of live music and post them on Burberry’s social media site using the #ThisisBrit social call to action.

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Music will continue to be the focus for Burberry’s future campaigns as it continues to saturate the market with unique digital content to promote its globally recognized brand.

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Within hours of the events, the Instagram images were then translated to the Digital Urban Panel & Penn/LIRR Digital Networks, bringing the rush of live music to NYC by allowing pedestrians and commuters to relive the concert event experience from thousands of miles away.

See Production Handbooks

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