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boxed.com subway interior advertising in new york city
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Wholesale delivery startup, Boxed.com, added some humor to the subway ride by poking fun at previous ads seen on the subway and using social media slang. They also provided promotional codes for subway riders to use when ordering through their website that not only helped consumers but also themselves. Explore this case study in detail

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Boxed.com, a wholesale delivery startup, utilized New York’s brand trains to drive app downloads. Their campaign earlier in the year referenced other subway ads that only New Yorker’s understood, garnering great feedback from frequent subway riders. This time, Boxed.com decided to add in everyday slang seen on social media sites.


The creative featured the many advantages when using Boxed.com, including larger products than their competitors and free overnight shipping. By entering the promotional code for 15% off their first order, Boxed.com was also able to track consumers who saw the subway ads.


"We've tried a lot of ROI-based ad networks, and [out-of-home] averages out if you do it right," said Chieh Huang, CEO of Boxed.com. The subway ads were a great tool to promote the download of their app and build brand awareness. Providing the promotional code on the ads for consumers also proved to be a great way of digitally tracking where consumers saw them.


According to their collected statistics, the company confirmed that people who saw the out-of-home ads spent more money than those who saw the digital ones in their campaign.


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