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Blueberries bulletin in Flint, MI Let's Connect!

Utilizing a month-long teaser campaign on a single bulletin, Flint business owner, Phil Shaltz, generated some serious buzz over a cryptic message that, at first, confused almost everyone. Explore this case study in detail

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The board was simple: a blue background with the words, I’m Concerned about the Blueberries, sprawled across in bold white print. But what does it mean?


Business owner, Phil Shaltz, wanted to grab people’s attention by putting daily concerns - the hurdles and the struggles - in the forefront.


Shaltz said that his goal with the billboard was to encourage people to make positive impacts in other people’s lives and to pay those efforts forward whenever possible. The campaign is a testament to the power of the billboard and the power of the human spirit.


For weeks our Flint office received dozens of phone calls from news groups across the country trying to find out any information about the meaning of the board. Several news articles speculated and debated over its possible reasoning, with wide-spanning theories (from farming concerns to educational awareness).


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