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 Bethesda: Doom

Case Study

Bethesda Bus Kong in Market
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With the release imminent on its highly anticipated game "DOOM", Bethesda looked to generate excitement and capture the attention of game lovers within the New York and Los Angeles markets.​

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Bethesda's campaign illustrates how OOH advertising generates a unique excitement that no other media format can match. With OOH sprinkled throughout high traffic NY and LA locations, Bethesda created excitement and lots of twitter buzz around the DOOM series!


Bethesda utilized a variety of different formats to reach and impact their target audience including station dominations, turnstiles and bus kongs.


Bethesda goes where people are!  Bus ads, station domination, working in conjunction with OUTFRONT's Mobile Network created a strategic, location based approach that generated high exposure and kept DOOM ahead of the game!


"By putting social, mobile, behavioral and transactional data at its core, and by using some of the most advanced tools available for OOH planning, this campaign for DOOM will reach key audiences in relevant locations and at relevant times to directly influence purchase, awareness and social conversations."

Daniel Carey​​ ​​
Posterscope.com, Business Director


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