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 Affordable Art Fair

​​Case Study

Affordable Art Fair Platform Poster in New York
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Affordable Art Fair was able to generate buzz around their event with a commanding presence in the NYC subway.

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Affordable Art Fair utilized subway platform posters to reach art enthusiasts in New York City.


With this campaign, Affordable Art Fair wanted to amplify awareness of their event and drive ticket sales. By using platform posters in the subway, they were highly visible and made a significant impact on New York commuters.


"We've worked with OUTFRONT for many years and have always had great success with their contributions to our marketing campaign. [Our sales rep] is a pleasure to work with and makes sure we get the highest quality for our campaigns."


"This year we upped our subway ads to 110 [posters] and the results were great. Our presence was everywhere in the NYC subway [which] resulted in a record breaking number of people attending our fair. In our surveys, many people said they heard about the fair from our ads so it was a great success. We look forward to working with OUTFRONT again in the fall."


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