We Get You America: Outfront Media's Evolution and Reboost

We're excited to announce our brand refresh, launched through the creative campaign, "We Get You America."

​​​Posted October 03, 2018
Jodi Sen​ese,​ CMO

Over the last four years, we've seen how brands' needs have evolved in the digital era, and our out-of-home (OOH) offerings have evolved with them. While we once offered a blank canvas to deliver a brand's message, today we are taking that initial concept one step farther. OUTFRONT now provides brands with our creative studios, we are developing technology and Liveboard offerings, access to a variety of transportation and subway locations, and physical space for brands to tell their story and better connect to their audience.

We also understand the value of audiences for our brands. Which is why we're excited to announce our brand refresh, which we are launching through the creative campaign titled "We Get You America." It means this: We understand brands and audiences and deliver consumers on a national, regional and local level. We "get" and understand you, and we "get" brands' new audiences.

we get you america chrysler building

So how do we deliver those audiences and how do we help brands connect with them?

OUTFRONT has a major presence not only in New York City, but every major city nationwide. A report by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America shows that over the last two years, investment in digital OOH has increased by 30% for brands and that it accounts for 14% of their advertising revenue. And so, as the OOH industry continues to grow and expand into new markets, companies like Outfront are able to capture more insights about audiences based on geo-location, social media activation, digital buying-signals and IRL behaviors. We can then provide brands with granular data on audiences from Millennials in Chicago to retirees in Florida so that brands can better target their audience for future campaigns.

Another way that we connect brands to audiences is through location. For example, we design dynamic OOH campaigns in high-trafficked areas like subways , buses and public transportation centers in cosmopolitan and affluent areas. We've seen how brands like Nike have seen great success, for example, by "taking over a city" with more than 30 strategic digital OOH placements to promote Nike Air Day. And we've seen how consumer brands from Facebook to Spotify have employed "station domination"throughout transit stations in New York City in order to increase awareness of their brand and drive traffic to their websites.

There is no better medium to unveil our new campaign, "We Get You America," than through activating OOH across New York City. You'll see our message on buses, subways, commuter rails, wallscapes and static and digital billboards. After all, we've learned that what defines a successful marketing or advertising campaign is speaking to the right audience. This is our opportunity to speak to the many different audiences of the brands of America.

we get you new york new york city subway

This campaign comes at a time when we've developed highly specialized data on distinct audiences, what makes them tick, and what each audience best responds to. In addition to delivering brands new audiences, we leverage technology, memorable creative campaigns and strategic placement of OOH in order to create a lasting impact.

So what can brands do to reach an even larger, targeted audience? During Advertising Week New York (October 1-4) t we have been discussing the United States of American Audiences and taking a deep dive into our offerings and what we know. We'll talk about this new era, the era of intelligent OOH, where we are able to bring physical buying signals into the digital world and refine our message based on location and geo-specific data. This is a great opportunity for brands to connect with us and to learn how to deepen their connection to their audience. We hope to see you at one of our panels or at the Outfront subway stop on the ground floor!

Thank you!