OUTFRONTX A-List with Dr. Opal Lee – Celebrating Juneteenth

​​​Posted June 24, 2022

In recognition of Juneteenth, OUTFRONT hosted social impact leader Dr. Opal Lee as our A-List guest speaker! With Dr. Lee’s unmatched energy, inspiring passion, and sense of humility, we reflected on our nation's history, celebrated Juneteenth, and discussed the importance of education, voting, equality, and justice. In doing so, we gained a once-in-a-lifetime insight on a true influencer’s life experiences.

Here are some of our favorite takeaways from the event.

Advice on continuing this movement and spreading awareness

Be assertive! While making change, one must constantly be assertive even when there is no invite to the table. Refrain from timid behavior and have thick skin. Dr. Lee’s words on being assertive reminds us of the importance of inclusion.

What keeps Dr. Lee moving and motivated

Many things keep Dr. Lee moving. The one factor that thrills and delights her is to see our youth involved in initiatives that evolve around awareness, equality, and change. Humbly watching her legacy being passed on to the next generations is its own reward.

Dr. Opal Lee’s inspiration

While Dr. Lee is an inspiration within herself, we wondered who inspires her. As a natural influencer, Dr. Lee was motivated to bring awareness to Juneteenth by watching the passion and actions taken by Rev. Ronald V. Myers, SR., M.D., an American physician, Baptist minister, musician, and civil rights activist. His organization’s goal was to promote the holiday Juneteenth.

How can we continue Dr. Lee’s legacy?

Dr. Lee has very big shoes to fill. When asked how we can continue her legacy, she simply replied “by helping each other”. A simple task as such can create true change, true freedom, and true awareness.

Watch the recording of our OUTFRONTX A-List Juneteenth event with Dr. Opal Lee

OUTFRONT X A List Event with Dr. Opal Lee            

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