OUTFRONT on OOH as a Highly Influential Means of Marketing

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​​​Posted April 08, 2020

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Today’s out-of-home media is often an eye-catching, head-turning means of engaging consumer. OUTFRONT Media has a unique perspective and peerless expertise on out-of-home, so we’ve gathered the most relevant knowledge including digital OOH case studies, technology trends, influencer culture and more.

Sometimes you're swamped with meetings and miss out on reading the can't-miss articles that published during your hectic day. No worries. We've got you covered. In our "Best of " series we recap top member and topic-specific content, so you can see what you might have missed. In this edition, we examine OUTFRONT Media's most popular content, including digital OOH case studies, technology, influencer culture and more.

Why OOH Is the Most Trusted Influencer
A recent survey found that 52 percent of Millennials said that they trust social media influencers less these days. However, at the same time, 58 percent of Millennials also noted that they prefer ads from their favorite social media influencers. So, opinions on influencers are split. With that in mind, how can brands find an advertising medium to connect with their audience? And when working with influencers, how can a brand make sure that their message resonates? Learn more about how influencer culture and OOH go hand-in-hand.

The Two Future Mediums of Advertising
Today's advertising capabilities and the ability to target your audience are greater than they have ever been. What has shifted in advertising to make room for a new world view, and what lies ahead? Read up on OUTFRONT's predictions for the the future of OOH ads.

Work that Works: IAB Releases 19 New Digital OOH Case Studies

2019 was a stellar year for the out-of-home industry. With headlines such as, Why Billboards and Outdoor Ads are Booming in the Smartphone Age; Facebook Pushes Online Ads, Then Spends Its Cash on Billboards; People Love Instagramming Billboards and It's Great for Advertisers, and Billboards -- Yes Billboards -- Are Having a HeyDay in a Digital World, it is clear that OOH is on the rise and closely intertwined with both digital engagement and natively digital advertisers. OOH's power to drive massive digital engagement is often a core indicator of a campaign's success. Get the details on these valuable case studies.

How Technology, Location and Creativity are Defining OOH

There's often a debate in marketing and advertising: What is the most essential element to successful campaigns, art or science? Learn how both of these aspects played into OOH ads in 2019.

Creating a Virtuous Circle in OOH

A couple of years ago a new startup, MakeSpace, disrupted a category with a smart, seamless, digital approach to storage. Central to its launch strategy was OOH advertising; the campaign created one of best examples of a "virtuous circle." OOH provided brand awareness and drove traffic to the MakeSpace website, while OOH displays were also used across their social channels like content, which increased audience engagement and led to an increase in responses and shares. Read about this seamless campaign process.

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