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​​​Posted October 07, 2020
Jodi Senese, CMO

OUTFRONT's creative spirit is energizing around its second annual creative competition, OUTFRAME, which launched on September 1. Themed "OUT of LOVE', the idea driving this project is "what unites us is stronger than what divides us," and artists are invited to "speak up" with their creative submissions for billboard art.

The provocative call for entries suggests that 'out of love' can be a work created from passion, focused on the idea of love or what one loves. Conversely, the inspiration could stem from the word "out" as in all out of love, frustrated with a desire for change. Three words with potentially two very disparate creative journeys and countless outcomes.

The slate of judges for this endeavor is extraordinary and super interesting in that there is a definitive bend toward street art. Out of home media, and specifically billboards, is street art in itself, woven into different communities. The opportunity for artists who have elevated this art form to be part of this project is an exciting prospect. The lead judge, Peter Tunney, is a legitimate force of nature with boundless creative energy, spreading his positive messages in unconventional ways and delivering works of art to a worldwide collector base. He creates in almost every medium: paint, collage, wood, photography, found objects, and discarded materials. His nontraditional life, cache of extraordinary experiences, and countless wild adventures serve as the foundations for his work.

Additionally, Peter has created billboard art including provocative single word canvases. "Courage" was made even more famous as it was highly visible- as billboards often are- in numerous news-clips as a backdrop to scenes on the Brooklyn Bridge during BLM protests and gatherings. If it was a poignant message on its own, its power in the context of this situational relevance was certainly amplified.

Tunney launched a new series titled "Redacted" at Art Basel 2019 in Miami. In each execution the words remaining are more powerful than the entirety of what was there before. His uncanny ability to visually articulate the ethos of the cultural moment acted as almost a harbinger for 2020. He created the Out of Love art which not only presents the competition, but will adorn billboards as a gifted message to those who will view it.

The band of judges, many who have agreed to create their own interpretations of Out of Love for public display include street artists who traditionally share their artform on the Walls of Wynwood in the Art District in Miami during the Art Basel festival in December. With a 2020 pause of that event, our hope is that their craft be shared on our billboards and that potentially millions of Americans will be the benefactors in both real life and in social posts as the we expect amplification through social channels.

An introduction to our judges would not be complete without visualization of their work.

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Wilfredo "Bio" Feliciano is an internationally established artist, designer, muralist and master of color, whose personal and visual identity is firmly rooted in The Bronx.

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Matthew Ryan Herget "Mr. Herget" is a lifelong, self-directed artist, with a focus on abstract oil painting. Fueled by a love of life, exploration, and discovery – Herget's work is expressed in energetic mixed media paintings, photography, experience, digital works, sculpture, and poetry.

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Tim Wasicki, OUTFRONT's northeast region creative director, has been instrumental in the success of several major campaigns for established brands throughout America.

Our additional judges include:

Ryan Artell, OUTFRAME's 2019 Winner and art director at 160over90, has been working in the advertising industry for the last 10 years as a multidisciplinary designer.

Ray Smiling, creative director at Johannes Leonardo, a creative agency, oversees the Adidas Originals team. Ray has worked on several major brands including Under Armour, Beats by Drew, Covergirl, Foot Locker, and ESPN.

Anne Di Lillo, a design director at Selman, a communication design studio. Anne specializes in motion design, producing works on a spectrum from Times Square animations for international companies, to kinetic type for local non-profits.

OUTFRAME was created to excite the artist and creative adland communities about the prospect of sharing their art in a very public way and to reinforce that out of home displays are canvasses for creativity…whether that be for a cause, a brand, or a business. The ability to distill an idea down to its very essence is the brilliance behind award winning OOH. OUTFRAME is a forum where artists can submit and share their work, this time around a specific and timely theme.

We are excited to share this journey with the amazing talent and then to share the outcome with all of America.

The OUTFRAME 2020 Winner will be announced in November. To learn more about this competition and all entry details, terms and conditions, please visit wegetyou.com/OUTFRAME. Follow OUTFRAME on Instagram: @OUTFRAME2020. No purchase is necessary to enter this contest.

Thank you!