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 ON Smart Takeover

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​​​​​​​​OUTFRONT ​​ON Smart Takeover​​​

​​​​​​​TriBeCa Film Festival 2016 Digital Displays

ON Smart Media Digital Display at Tribeca Film by OUTFRONT Media

​​​Posted: April 20th 2016 By: Andy Sriubas,​ Chief Commercial Officer

The movie screens at the Tribeca Film Festival 2016 aren’t the only ones that will be garnering attention, thanks to a partnership with OUTFRONT Media and an installation of OUTFRONT’s O​N S​mart digital displays ​at the festival. ​


These new screens will be the first that visitors see upon entering the festival in 2016​. Visitors will view great content including static promotional photographs, a sizzle reel with event content, animated cards and tie-ins fro​m Snapchat and other social media. In addition, the festival will recognize its sponsors and promote those brands on these displays. The big screen/little screen combination brings a much more involved experience to the folks attending the screenings. 


OUTFRONT’s ON Smart Media digital platform combines the visual impact of location-based media with the dynamism of web-based content delivery. This intelligent and real-time connected inventory system is transforming the way that content is experienced in the physical world. 


The Tribeca Film Festival 2016, will be running until Sunday April 24th. Learn more about OUTFRONT ON Smart ​and be on the lookout for more installations in the future.​

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