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 ROI and Out of Home

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​​​​​​​​​​​The Branding Power of Out of Home

New York City Midtown Tunnel Billboard

​​​Posted: May 2nd 2016 By: Jodi Sen​ese,​ CMO

Is it a coincidence or is it the branding power of out of home, that Donald Trump has won the primary in every state where he has real estate holdings; buildings casinos, hotels that shout  
'T R U M P' from the​ (literal) rooftops on 4 foot high
gold lettering?


Under the header of 'just saying....', matching his state wins to his real estate portfolio syncs up, perfectly. And his outdoor branding is textbook smart:  simple, big, consistent.


So when asked  'Does OOH work?' or  'What is the ROI?'  I think the answer is 'We can't be trumped!'


Or can we?

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