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​​​​​​​​OUTFRONT and Hershey Time Square Subway Ads Are Sweet

​​​​Hershey's uses OUTFRONT to connect out of home with social and retail.

Hershey Time Square Subway Station Domination

​​​Posted: April 28th 2016 By: Jamie Valencour, New York Marketing Manager

Hershey's has taken over the Times Square subway station from now through mid May with a station domination that incorporates five interactive digital displays! Rapport agency and Pearl Media teamed up with OUTFRONT to create this experiential zone that engages and delights passersby. Station Dominations are a popular choice among advertisers because they create an immersive environment within the subway system for creative executions. The inclusion of engaging digital technology creates an interactive component that takes outdoor ad​vertising to another level. 



The campaign drives traffic to ​Hershey Times Square store while creating an experience worth sharing on social outlets. As commuters approach the Hershey advertising screens along the passageway between the shuttle, they come alive, allowing people to draw on the screens and make fun pictures. Then, by entering their email address, participants receive not only the photos they created on the displays but also a receipt to go to the Hershey's​ store and pick up a free candy bar.


It’s a sweet solution with the perfect mix of interactivity and sharable content to activate online and social activity for a positive, ​memorable customer and brand connection. ​​

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