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 Priming Mobile Engagement

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OUTFRONT Mobile Network Video

​​​Posted: June 17th 2016 By: Elizabeth Rave,​ Senior National Marketing Manager

OOH and mobile create the happiest media marriage across the landscape. Why? For starters, their strengths are quite different yet very complementary. OOH is a mass-reach, large-format, high-impact brand builder. Mobile messaging provides a one-to-one engagement with the consumer for a brand to seamlessly communicate an immediate call to action. Additionally, research shows that OOH is the best primer for mobile engagement, outpacing all other forms of traditional media​. In fact, consumers are 48% more likely to click a mobile ad after being exposed to the same ad on OOH first.


​The priming effect and increasingly mobile consumer led us to launch the OUTFRONT Mobile Network, the first iteration of which is geofencing. Nearly 400 advertisers have already run on the mobile network across 37 different categories, including entertainment, auto and retail. By keeping location as the connecting thread and grounding campaigns in OOH, we are seeing average lifts of 30-50% in mobile engagement metrics, CTR and SAR. For further details and strategy on past client successes, check out our case studies.


Want to learn more about the priming effect and mobile technology? I will let my friend Bob take it from here, just click the video above.

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