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 OUTFRONT's New CTO Position

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​​Sriubas and Melby on OUTFRONT’s new CTO position

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​​​​As seen in Billboard Insider


Last week OUTFRONT hired Joel Melby as chief technology officer.  Melby will oversee the development ​​of OUTFRONT Media’s On Smart Media platform and report to Andy Sriubas, EVP – Strategic Planning and Development. Billboard ​Insider talked with Andy Sriubas and Joel Melby about the hire this week.


Andy, is chief technology officer a new position at OUTFRONT? What factors led to the decision to create it?


Yes, the CTO position is new at OUTFRONT. As our company launches more digital display products and uses software based media buying, data analytics and content delivery systems, we needed someone with deep experience in the space. OUTFRONT, like all companies, is becoming grounded in technology in​ how we manage our business. We will all essentially be “technology” companies and we are adding experts in this area to facilitate and expedite this evolution.


Joel what did you do before OUTFRONT and how has it prepared your for your current job?


Prior to joining OUTFRONT, I was the CTO of clypd, the leading audience-based sales platform for television. We successfully applied automation and audience analytics to TV, and now with Outfront, I’ll be able to do something similar with another traditional medium (out-of-home).


Joel, what will be your top priorities at Outfront for the next year?


My top priorities will be to deliver on the promise of our ON Smart Media Platform to our advertising customers and to our municipal partners like the MBTA, who will share in the success of ON Smart.​​

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